Hey Guys I am buying a MacBook Pro in the not too distant future and I had a question.

Firstly, As most of you know, there are only 2 USB ports on the current MacBook Pro 15" (Santa Rosa).
And I honestly do not want to waste one of them for a mouse. So my question is, what is a good wireless bluetooth mouse for the MacBook Pro that is NOT the mighty mouse. And my budget is 70 - 85 US dollars.

My second question is, with Leopard coming out and it's Time Machine feature, I thought that I should get an external hard drive for my MacBook Pro.

But once again there is the usb problem, I don't know much aobut external hard drives so i was wondering if you guys could suggest to me a Not too expensive external hard drive(160 GB) that will work well with time machine, and does not take up a usb port.

pls help! THNX