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    eMac hardware problems
    Hello nice mac people....

    An eMac we had at school for the last year has been broken since we got it. So I decided to bring it home and try and fix it myself so we can use it again . The problem is that I know nothing about Apple Mac computers (if I was rich enough to buy one then I would...).

    So anyway. This G4/700Mhz eMac just freezes. Sometimes nothing happens when you turn it on; sometimes you get the startup 'chime', then nothing. Sometimes you get to the OSX loading screen, then nothing. Sometimes it boots up completely, and then just completely freezes half way into doing something. Also, the light on the bottom of the mouse doesnt always come on on startup.

    Oh yeah and a couple of times I've got the '3 beeps' thing on startup. I looked that up on here and someone said 'RAM checksum error' or similar. So I'm tempted to think its a RAM problem. ANy tips on where to get RAM cheap?

    Please, *any* help appreciated Its for a good cause (to prevent the eMac essentially being turned into an expensive drum in the music department)


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    OK... I'm a complete idiot. Whilst I did switch the RAM sockets and it didnt work.... I didnt check that it was in the first socket properly to begin with. So I just did that and its all good. I love macs, and feel free to delete this topic.

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