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    Best Option for 2nd Monitor - 20" iMac
    I am currently extending my desktop on a 19" Dell LCD. The problem is the resolution is much different, and I'd prefer to have a second monitor with a similiar resolution as the 20" iMac.

    Do you guys have any suggestions for a second monitor?


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    In terms of resolution, 20" widescreen is 1680x1050... nearly all 20" widescreen LCD displays will have that resolution. The 20" Apple Cinema Display is great if you have the extra money, or a Dell if you don't mind the look as much.
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    We have a LG widescreen 22" on the side of our 24". Make sure you use the DVI not VGA to hold the resolution options up.

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    I have a 20" NEC. It has DVI, VGA, USB ports and has the same rez as the Apple 20". It was only $330 too. The color was pretty accurate and its sharp.

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