Hi all.

I bought a MacBook Pro with the intention of taking it away to university with me next year. Having been there, done that, I know I don't want loads of cables on my desk.

And knowing my MBP just has 2 USB ports I don't -really- want to have a printer connected all the time.

Currently I have an old HP 960c. AFAIK, there's nothing I can do (save plug it in to the MBP) to get it communicating with it.

I have a (wifi) router and a hub, but at uni, this will still mean more cables etc.

So I'm thinking wireless.
Or bluetooth, of course!

Could anyone recommend either an HP wireless or bluetooth Mac compatible printer? Possibly scanner copier too? Or could I get a bluetooth adapter for my 960? Or a wifi one?

Do WiFi printers need to go through wireless routers or can they connect directly to a computer, specifically my MBP when I'm away? (I Doubt I'll be able to take and hook up a wireless router on the university network)

Cheers all! Hope I explained myself well enough