i have a HP Photosmart 2575 PSC with builtin networking. i'm trying to set up IPP but without success. i have forwarded ports 631 for IPP and 9100 - HP's own Jet Direct protocol - to a static ip for the printer on my router.

at the moment i have established connectivity - if i try to print a document it prints a load of data in text to do with charsets, language and encoding. also if i type "mydomainname.com:9100" into firefox and hit enter it prints off similar details as well as User-Agent stuff like the fact i am using a mozilla based client and running mac os x intel. so it obviously connects, but doesn't print what i want.

i have downloaded and installed the latest full driver and software package from HP.

if anyone can help, i'd appreciate it

thanks in advance


sorry, forgot to mention

at the moment the ports are all forwarded to the printer. i have a mac mini running 10.4.10 PPC that is always turned on and has the printer shared on the local network. if it can work, there IS the option to use the mac mini as a print server. i have tried already but with the same results.