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    Recommendations for a network friendly printer for mac + pc network

    I am looking for a home inkjet printer that I will be able to hook up to a USB print server and share over a network to windows and mac pcs. It will be used for light printing tasks of documents and the occasional photo. It is a must that the original drivers be able to support network printing, both mac and pc; I do not want to deal with the reduced functionality of open-source drivers. Inexpensive ink would get bonus points, too (read: not HP ). I have considered the Canon pixma 5200R and epson stylus c120; what do you think of those?

    Thank you for your replies!
    David Migl

    All the details I left out for brevity's sake: I have a canon pixma ip4000 and tried to share that over a usb print server when my mew mac came in. All other computers were PC's.

    PC drivers would work just fine with network printing. Mac couldn't even connect with canon drivers. I had to use guten-print drivers, and those are OK, but I have no control whatsoever over the printer. I can only print: I cannot change quality, enable duplex printing, do maintenance, or, most importantly, know when ink has run out.

    From what I have gathered, canon drivers do not support network printing. On the mac, only direct USB printing is supported.

    I begin college next year and, being the computer geek, would like to leave my family with a stable computer setup that requires little maintenance and will be problem-free. For that reason, I plan to eventually replace all PCs with macs, and I want a printer that will be just as stable. Using hacked-up open source drivers won't cut it; at the very least, I'd like to be able to know when ink runs out or check ink levels. I also dabble in graphic design as a hobby and would like to print out the occasional photo; the gutenprint drivers produce horrid color, and there's nothing I can do about it.

    I've thought about a laser printer. Color output is something that would be very convenient, so my options there are to spring for a pricey color laser that seems more geared toward small office, or to get a separate inkjet for color and monochrome laser (which might be the best option). That puts me right back where I started, needing a color inkjet that is mac and network friendly.

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    No drivers were available for my Canon for either Linux or OS X - bought an HP C5180 right after I got my Mac. It works great - connected via RJ45 to my router - also has USB, but have not tried it. think the 5180 was last years models - but any 5100 series should be about the same. Has multiple ink tanks, so you're not throwing one away when only 1 color runs out - also has high color photo printing add on tray included and a scanner - no fax.
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    My Epson 3 in one works on both OSX and Windoze, cant remember the exact model right now think it might be an RX520?

    Edit: Its an Epson RX640

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    I print wirelessly to my Canon ip6310D from my macbook, my husband prints wirelessly from his mac mini (soon to be replaced by a macbook), and he also prints wired from his desktop PC. Drivers available from Canon's website -- just "finds" the printer once the drivers are installed. Perfect! (Ink reasonabaly priced as well)

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