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Thread: Any Apple touch display similar to "Microsoft Surface"?

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    Any Apple touch display similar to "Microsoft Surface"?

    I'm a college kid working on a design project that would need to use touch-pad technologies similar to "Microsoft Surface" (www. Given Apple's revolutionary development of their interface ( the touch screen in their iPhone is amazing), have they ever developed a similar technology ( a huge table-like touch screen)? Or are they any news of them developing one?


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    Well they said that its being researched, but it might not come to light just as yet. Just try to use your hand to manipulate your computer screen now. Its really uncomfortable. So unless we move into a different form factor, its not going to happen.

    However, Wacom has some pen tablet displays costing over $2000 and come in screen sizes of upto 21 inches. They of course have pen pressure and other cool stuff but no Multi-touch.

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    I think touch screen interfaces have their place as information kiosks, or small "tablet" form factors (iPhone, iPod, PDA, DS), but not as a multimedia-PCs. We figured out years ago that we like to consume our media from a screen placed vertically, and a few feet away. Having your TV touch sensitive would be pretty pointless, because you wouldn't want to have to walk up to it to interact with it. Similarly with "Surface", you don't want to have to look down at your media.

    As cool as surface is, I, just like most other people use my computer for: creating and displaying digital media (video, graphics, games, music), writing e-mail and browsing the web. I can't imagine being comfortable doing that when the screen is below me. I'm not sure what it could be used for... you can't give a presentation on it because everyone has to crowd round the thing, and you can't really do any work on it because of form factor. It's just a conversation piece really.
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