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    Who wants an Apple printer?
    Before Samsung brought out their new line of printers, there hasn't been anything really good out there in terms of style. Most printers are very utilitarian and can ugly up and otherwise nice, sleek looking workspace. I would like to get one of the new Samsung printers and always wanted a laser printer, but I need a color printer.

    So what do you think of the Samsungs? Would you buy an Apple printer if they put one out?
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    I've decided something about apple, while I looked at my digital camera and thought about my iPhone, and how easy it was to replace...

    I think apple should make everything, and Id buy it. a printer was one of the other things I thought of.

    I have an HP that is pretty, matches my imac perfectly, its an all-in-one that i got for free (rebate) with my iMac.

    its a POS. total.
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    Apple already sold printers under their brand. They really weren't anything but re-branded Canons.
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