Hello Gurus,

I am about to make the leap from Windows to OSX. However, my work (which is where I spend 90%) of my time requires Windows. Fusion has been marked as the tool to use so I can continue my work. However, I'm also trying to consolidate my hardware. I would like to be down to 1 desktop and 1 laptop. My purchase plan is Mac Pro + some laptop. My problem is this, I travel 50% of the time. Therefore, I'm working at home 50% of the time and would prefer to work on a desktop with lots of horsepower, etc. However, I want to keep the 2 work ares (desktop & laptop) in sync. On the laptop, I only need Windows (I don't really have time to play when I'm working on the road). Therefore, my question is - can I run Fusion on Mac Pro. Create a bootable virtual machine of XP on the laptop. That way, when I'm on my Mac Pro desktop, it's really using the horsepower (and screen) of my Mac Pro but the files are written to the virtual machine which is physically the hard drive on my laptop. That way, when I need to travel, I just disconnect the 2 and I have all my up to date files on my laptop. When I get home, I just hook them up, there is no sync necessary. Is this possible? Several Mac Geniuses at one of the Apple stores came up with this idea but they say it's only theoretical. They have not tried this before. Has anyone else out there done this? Can I use any laptop or does it have to be a Mac Book? How do I connect the laptop's hard drive (or make it available) to the Mac Pro? USB? Firewire? Your questions and commenst are greatly appreciated.

FYI, my handle is such because I run a Temp Agency and we're easy as 123 (4 because 123 is already taken). So don't worry, as I dive deeper into the Mac world, I will continue to contribute as much as I can.

Help me make this leap!