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    Apple TV, my opinions
    I purchase many tv shows on iTunes and would love to view them on my tv, but currently the only way to do that is with apple tv. In my opinion $300-$400 is extremely over-priced for a device that merely allows you to stream content you already purchased from your computer to your tv... MAYBE if you could purchase tv shows and movies directly from the apple tv (similar to itunes wifi music store) and there was a DV-R feature so yo could get tv listings and record tv shows, it would be worth the money.
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    That would be fantastic, since I'm not big into the idea of Apple TV, the only way I'll buy it is if they allow you to watch TV through it (like Cablevision). I'd love to support Apple for that reason.

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    If you have an iPod you can hook it to your tv. I use a home doc with home theater. Thinking of going to mac mini though...

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    Maybe its just me but I don't see the value in watching TV on even a laptop as any kind of primary device. When I want to watch a movie or game, I simply turn on my 62" Mitsubishi DLP and really get blown away. With my Direct TV DVR, I can record HD/Digital/Analog shows, series, events, games, and watch them at my convenience.

    I'm thinking long and hard about a new iMac 24" 2.8 GHz, and my only TV interest is having the ability to connect my comcast cable to something like eyetv and having the convenience of running news/sports in a window while I'm doing work on the computer. I also like the lack of clutter the iMac offers.

    If the OP has cable/dish signal (or both) why pay a buck an episode for something that you already have and can record on a DVR? Unless you travel a lot and need to watch those shows on planes. A friend of mine (has a mac) uses a slingbox to watch TV while on the road. It really works pretty good.

    Like I said... maybe I'm just missing something.

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