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    Unhappy Trouble with mac mini "theater" setup.. PLEASE HELP
    Okay so heres the deal. I just bought my third mac... a 2.0ghz mac mini Core 2 Duo. I love this thing and I bought it to kind of Dual task. Here's what I am trying to do.

    1. I am keeping the mac mini in the living room so i have use of the apple remote for use in the home theater. I have it attached to my Bose surround sound system for music etc... The TV is a 42" Plasma with a DVI input. When I have the mac mini just attached to this is WORKS AWESOME!!!

    2. I have a need for a computer in the office (on the other side of the wall). I have a hole in the wall just big enough for a DVI cable to go through. I want to use a seperate monitor in the office. I already have a Flat panel monitor but the problem is that it only has a VGA input.

    I will be using a wireless keyboard and a mouse (the same one) based on where I am actively using the computer at the moment.

    The problem I am having is that I need to SPLIT the signal coming from the mini to two different monitors and I have to be able to use a DVI to VGA splitter to send the signal to the monitor in the office. I bought a dvi splitter and the correct FEMALE DVI to MALE VGA (because I already have two 25ft gold plated dvi cables).


    When I use the splitter I have I can only have one thing attached to it. If I have two cables attached to it the signal gets MAJORLY distorted.

    So I guess my end all question to whoever reads this is:

    How to I get a DVI signal to my TV and a VGA signal to my monitor in the office with a MIRRORED image on both? I am tying to do this without spending a whole lot of money. Please help me. If you have any ideas about a USB to DVI (found a few but said PC only).... I am running out of Ideas.


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    Here's the advice I got when I posted a similar issue

    Scary how similar our inquiries are.

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