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    Hi, I have a MacBook + External Monitor Display setup. Is there anyway when I connect the external monitor that the screen ONLY shows on my big monitor? Right now, I have sort of a dual-display type thing with my big LCD and MB monitor. I want to get rid of that and just have my 22" as the main monitor (when plugged in).

    Any ideas?

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    I have MBP and use an external display. Sometimes when plugging in or unplugging it goes into external only display. So I tried a few things here's how I got it to work. MBP on and external display on as secondary. Then I closed the MBP to put to sleep. Once it was asleep I opened it then closed it. It woke up and now is closed using the external display as primary. I'm sure there are other ways but that just worked for me.

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    close it to sleep, then wake it up be using a keyboard or mouse.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dodger
    Wow... that's just amazing. You pwn

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