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    Is this a good deal?? 500gb Ext. HD
    I am wanting an external HD for storing music, movies and backups... is this (link below) MyBook 500GB HD a good deal @ $119? Any opinions on the quality of it? Any other recommendations?


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    It's an ok deal, except you can get the Firewire version for $149, WD MyBook Premium Edition. Mine is fine so far, but some people swear against using WD. I got mine at Costco so I can always return it, no questions asked, if anything goes wrong.
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    I've heard of some issues with Macs and the MyBook, but that was a while ago and they very well could have solved the problem.

    I have no compatibility issues with the WD Passport, and I've owned several WD drives without having any problems.

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    Same as Kash, have heard some issues, but there are a lot of people using the WD MyBook series with their Mac's. So, the negatives I've read do not dissaude me from these drives. And, have to say, I personally like WD drives, especially their enterprise class drives. The price is below newegg's right now, so that's probably as good as it gets.

    If you're ready to purchase, you should at least consider getting a FW400 compatible drive. You can check out this thread from when I was looking for an external - just scroll down to the last post - have some actual timed comparison transfer rates posted there. At least you'll be able to make an informed decision as to whether the extra wait times are worth the cash savings for you or not.
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    I haven't had any problems with the 500GB Mybook that i have. I have the premium with the firewire/usb ports. At the time it was $179 when i bought mine, now it's $149 or $159CAD at costco. It's well worth it whn the time comes that you have to back up.

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