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doki_2 09-14-2007 06:46 PM

new iMac 24" came without keyboard
Hi All,

My cousin bought a new 24" iMac in Hungary.
The shop called StarKing Apple shop.
We went home together open the box called the shop and not find any
keyboard. Called the shop and they told that have to buy separately.
In an other net like they give keyboard including the price what less that the first one. I am still in shock. Natuarally if we were know we was buy in the second.
What say the law about of Apple. If Apple agree with such a deal?
What you think?

RiDE 09-14-2007 06:53 PM

Can you return it.... if not... call Apple and tell them.

doki_2 09-15-2007 08:02 AM

Thanks for your reply.
To take back can be more complicated. I need the Apple European representative phone or/and e-mail address.
The Hungarian representative can not help in this case what I not understand. The keyboard come with the computer, the keyboard also written in the box as a part and it has to be gratis (without price).
Anyway thanks again. Your advise was good to follow.
Best regards,

fleurya 09-15-2007 01:15 PM

Wow, that's too bad. Sounds like the shop you bought it from has ripped you off. I don't know about the laws in Hungary, but hopefully there's at least some protect that you get what you're supposedly paying for (what the box says is included. I wouldn't mess with Apple, because it's probably not an authorized reseller so they can't do anything. I would go straight to the local authorities.

doki_2 09-16-2007 04:51 AM

Hi fleurya hi All,
Thanks for the reply. I think you right.
But if I write to Apple it will be also for defend other people to happen them thesame. All together I will defend the shop as well that the people not write them as you wrote me. What I can do with Apple is try to ask them to give the keyboard with the computer. My be not for me but for the others.
Best regards,

bryans83 09-17-2007 09:22 AM

I cant believe that. why would it come without a keyboard? was the box sealed when they purchased it? Definately Call Apple on this one.

doki_2 09-18-2007 09:52 PM

Thanks for All of You,
The box were sealed but that is OK. Because they have more language there
the keyboard comes in a separate box. But for the buyer comes the payment also separately.

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