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Thread: external dvd unit behaves strange during OS installations

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    external dvd unit behaves strange during OS installations
    Hi everybody,
    i got a macbook whose dvd unit fried a while ago. I had an external burner that worked better anyway so i just stuck to it and never had any problems with it - until now, that is, when i formated the whole hard drive to reinstall everything. When installing macosX, it worked fine until it got to the applications DVD and then it got stuck (the console gave me a "Cannot instantiate this or that application"- tried with other sets of install disks with the same problem) Finally managed to get macosX installed by checking off all the additional apps, but now when i try to install windows it gets pretty stuck during the reboot until it shows me a picture of a folder with a question mark in the middle of a gray screen.
    Whats going on?are mac laptops not suited for working with an external drive in those situations?or should i try with a different drive?
    could i even use another macbooks dvd drive externally?that doesnt sound possible to me...but it would be easier for me to access another macbook than another drive!
    thanks a bunch to anyone listening,
    Mario C

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    How long is a while ago? If your drive isn't working, the best and obvious path would be to contact Apple directly so you won't have to use an external device to load CDs/DVDs.

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