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    Fuzzy pic. Macbook to Dell 2005FPW Monitor
    Hi All:

    I am trying to connect my macbook to a Dell 2005FPW Monitor (specs at:

    using Apple's mini-dvi/DVI cable that fits into the DVI cable provided by Dell. While I get a picture, it's fuzzy and no matter what resolution I try, the pic does not improve. Any suggestions? Or can the video card for Macbook not handle the dell monitor as a secondary display?

    (works fine if I don't mirror the displays, problem is that mirroring is fuzzy)

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    Hi. You might have the screen mirrored

    If you go into the system preferences, you should be able to choose to either:

    - Video mirroring - where the same thing will be shown on the Macbook screen and the external monitor

    - Extended desktop - where the Macbook screen and the external monitor combine to form one big screen

    If you have the display mirrored, it will give you a fuzzy picture unless the external monitor has the same native resolution as the Macbook.

    Try setting it to extended desktop, and choose the proper resolution for the external screen.

    Also, you can use the Macbook in clamshell mode if you want to use just the external screen (with the monitor plugged in, close the Macbook so it goes to sleep, then wake it up with an external mouse)

    Hope that all makes sense...

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    Make sure its in desktop mode, i had the same problem.
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