I won't go into long detail of how this had happened but I lost 10 GBs of space on my MacBook. I wanted to install Ubuntu and I partitioned it for 10 GBs of space for Ubuntu. I went to install and it crashed because some long drawn out reason. I rebooted the comp and it had the black screen like Windows or Linux is booting up but wouldn't do anything and I couldn't eject the disk. I finally manually ejected using the little hold the mouse button down trick. Put in my Mac OS X cd and went to fix that 10GB partition with the tool they have on the Mac OS X boot disk. Now here is the thing.

I don't even see the partition anymore. When i look at the total capacity of the drive it says what it should 80 GBs, but then the one partition for the Mac says 65ish GBs and there is no other partition. It's like 10 GBs totally lost in space. How do i get it back? Is the only way to reformat ?