Elgato EyeTV for DTT, or Hauppage WinTV NOVA-T?. Same THING!!. I paid £50 for my EyeTV for DTT, and £40 for the Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-T, and found they are EXACTLY THE SAME HARDWARE!!!.

Here is the proof - and the thing is, inside the WINDOWS box is a voucher, saying €20 off EyeTV... uhmm... no thanks, I already have one!.

You can do PIP and watch/record two separate channels simultaneously, if you use BOTH sticks on your Mac.

Just a tipoff, for those thinking of buying the EyeTV; the product show is THE VERY SAME THING (and cheaper - mind you, ya need the EyeTV software, but handy to know this, if you already have an Elgato product!)