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    Unhappy bluetooth numeric keypad
    I bought a new macbook pro and I love it. I do some work with numbers so I decided to get a numeric key pad because the numeric keys using the number lock on the keyboard are angled funny and it takes me much longer to enter the numbers. I want to get a bluetooth numeric keypad so I don't have to deal with wires or having a dongle hanging off the side of my computer. (Having the wireless internet card hanging off the side bothers me enough as it is.) Does anyone know of one I can use with my computer? I did a google search, and many more for that mater, and I have come up with nothing, except a loss of many hours of my life. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Aug 30, 2007
    I almost forgot, a company called Datacomp has one but I can't find anywhere that caries them. Does anyone know where to purchase products from them?

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