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Thread: Installing Applications on External HD

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    Installing Applications on External HD
    Hi folks,

    Need some expert advice here.

    I just got myself an external firewire HD. I formatted it to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format. However, I'm unable to install any applications on it. Is it cause only applications can reside on the primary HD? Or have I missed a step some where...


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    It's better to have Apps installed on the same drive as the OS, IMO. Some apps can just be dragged to the external drive, but others, especially packaged ones, will insist on being installed on the 'local' drive, which really means the one with OS X.

    For an easy life, consider:

    - Installing OS X on your external drive. You can make an extact copy on your current install using Disk Utility

    - Moving all your large files, like photos, music, videos etc to the external drive, freeing up space for your new apps.
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    Hi Zoolook,

    Thanks for the reply. Well I guess that kinda sucks.. ha. Was hoping to install some big apps on the external drive so that i can save space on mine. Anyhow, thanks, I'll just do the usual and move media files across.


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