I have a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 920 CRT monitor on a G4 and have used it for several years with no problems. Recently I started experiencing difficulty with the monitor not turning on properly in the morning. I turn on the computer and the monitor, and hear the monitor click as if it is going to light up. But then the green light on the front turns to yellow and starts blinking and I don't get any output. The only way I've been able to get around this is to reboot the computer and hit the Mighty Mouse like crazy to send signals during the bootup process, and then the monitor wakes up. This doesn't always work though. I currently have both the computer and monitor power-save preferences set to "never."

I have a two-box Ethernet in my house with a Windows PC on the other end that is currently crashed (and which currently has a montior BIOS problem of its own). This means my shared volume doesn't mount on the Mac. Usually I would turn on the PC first and then the Mac would see the volume on the network. I'm wondering if there is something confused in the Mac startup folder because the PC is crashed, and it's also affecting the ability of my monitor to turn on? Any help would be appreciated!

R. Franklin