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Thread: Any Federal/Military using CAC on a Mac

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    Any Federal/Military using CAC on a Mac
    Hey there,

    Any federal or military folks using a USB CAC (common access card) card reader on their Macs?

    I was able to hookup my SCR331 and set it up and make it work in VMware/Bootcamp. I am able to log into AKO with the reader and my CAC card & pin.

    I then proceeded to log into AKO using Firefox under OS X. It worked! OS X picked up the SCR331 automatically (man I love OS X). However, now I need to import my certificates on my CAC card into Firefox. Anybody have any idea how to do that? I need to access my CAC card somehow to export the certificates. Under Windows, I installed activclient 6, and was able to export my certificates into IE6 with no problem. I need to do it under OS X on the mac.

    Anybody have any ideas?


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    The last time I checked this only worked under OSX 10.2. I'm not sure if Apple has updated any of it for 10.4, but somehow I suspect they have not.

    A good friend of mine from work has a buddy who works for Apple. Guy used to work for the DoD (retired) and he told both of us that nothing with the CaC cards or the readers will work in 10.4, specifically because of the certificates issue. I know a few folks that I work with who have tried this and no one has had any success.

    Kind of sucks to be honest. I'd love to get it to work with OSX. Heck, I can't even get sites that require CaC access to work under FF at work, it all has to be done through I.E..

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