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    Mighty Mouse wont turn on!
    Hey everyone, I finally received my 15'" 2.4Ghz MBP last night and absolutely fell in love with the computer. Though, my excitement was shortlived once I ran into a problem with my brand new MM. I opened the box, popped in the batteries, and turned it on.. Half way through getting it connected with the MBP, it all of a sudden shuts off... now it wont turn back on!!! I tried replacing the batteries but it still wont turn on.. Can anybody help me??
    Thanks in advance,

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, Leke.

    What type of surface are you using the MM on? I ask because a friend of mine bought a wireless Apple Keyboard and a Mighty Mouse and the surface was some kind of funky pattern that the sensors went haywire on. Once she placed a mouse pad under both of them, all worked perfectly.

    Try putting a different surface under your MM and see where that takes you. Report back with the outcome. Good luck!

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    thanks for the quick response..

    I havent even been able to use the mouse yet, the green light on the bottom wont light up

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    Ok well you have made doubly sure they are inserted the way they ought to be?

    If so, take it back, you obviously have a defective unit and ask for a new one as a replacement.

    Mine works very well but people can get lemons once in a while.

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