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Thread: Apple Keyboard Major Issue

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    Apple Keyboard Major Issue
    I've got the apple keyboard (the old one, not the aluminum one).

    I haven't made any updates to my OS recently.

    My keyboard has been fine for the last year but now its acting up.

    Here is the typed alphabet:

    a b c d e3 f g h i8 j k l m n o9 p0 q1 r4 s t5 u v w2 x y6 z

    You can see it only happens to the keys on the qwerty line which is directly below the numbers. So somehow those keys are triggering the others....

    Can I fix this somehow or send it back or do I have to buy a new one?

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    Did this just start suddenly? Did you drop it or something?? It would probably be as much to buy a new one than to get it fixed.

    By any chance is it covered under any warranty? My keyboard and mouse are covered under my 3 year Applecare because I bought them at the same time as my MBP and the warranty.
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