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    dual 2.5 ghz g5 desktop with ati 800x video card,14" iBook 1gb
    copying a lot of music to an external hd.
    I have almost 120 gb's of mp3's on my old g4 ibook that I would like to backup on a firewire external hd. When I drag my itunes library over to the external hard drive; my ibook locks up, like I can't even move the mouse, and it's still copying over to the external but it copies sooooo slowwwwwwww- it says 78 hours or something remaining, and then around every 500 mb's or so a error comes up saying that I don't have permission to copy a single mp3 or sometimes it says the file is corrupted. this is no big deal really, I would prefer to have the file deleted instead of holding up the process... super frustrating.

    Does anyone know of an app or something that will go in and delete or point out all of the corrupted files or something?

    Does anyone else's computer get really slow when copying a huge amount of stuff to an external?

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    One thing you might try is breaking the files into smaller bites. Create say ten folders. Fill each folder with 1/10th of the files in your original folder. Now copy each folder. That way, when it chokes you will have less to recover from. At the very least, it will help troubleshoot the problem.

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