Well... I've been using my Lacie external HD for months now, and randomly one day, it just unmounted itself and wouldn't mount anymore. I did some research found that it was a known problem in 10.4.10 and re-installed my old OS of 10.4.8 (which I am currently running).
So... My lacie now shows up on my desktop, but It runs incredibly slow, and won't let me copy or use any of the files on the HD (I can view them, and copy files to the HD).
I've did Disk verify in Disk utilites and I get the error "Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit". This is also the case when I try to Repair or Erase the HD.
When I load Diskwarrior and select my lacie it says "This is not a macintosh disk, this does appear on the desktop", and has graph and rebuild options greyed out. However it is in the MS-Dos file system format.
Whenever I try to copy something off, erase (the hd itself), or repair it, it gets about half way through the actions before stating the errors.

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.