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    geometry on my CRT studio display 21?
    Hi I have a new dual 1.8 GHz G5 and I just hooked up a apple CRT studio display 21" monitor. I bought the monitor used. It works (I am using it as I type) but the monitor control panel doesn't have a geometry setting? How do I change the geometry?

    I am running the latest Mac OS, my video card is the NVIDIA Gforce 5200


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    well i called apple and they said that i would not be able to change the geomitry under os x. i had to get the os 9 driver somehow (they didn't have it) and it might not even work. so i decided to call back the place where i got the moniter and see if i could still return it and they said all i had to do was plug in the usb cable. when i did this everything worked fine.why wouldn't apple be able to tell me this. after all it is their own moniter????

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    You seem to have a really good question, I'd call them back and update them and maybe post that in the Apple discussions

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    Well if it's a n00b at apple support, maybe they weren't aquainted with the older monitors...

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    still if he didnt no maby he could have asked someone who did. that gets me pretty mad. i was about to return the moniter. luckily the guy at the store new what to do.

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