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    USB stick memories show as full
    Hi - I have a new usb stick that I bought because of a problem with my old one. The same problem is occurring with the new one...which is- the stick memory gets filled up and even though I delete the files on it, it still shows up as full. I have a 1 year old Mac Book Pro. Any ideas on why? Thanks.

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    Do you use it with a Windows machine also?

    I had the same problem, Format the Jump Drive on the machine you use it most on, then from now on when you delete files, drag them to the Trash and empty it right away.

    Should solve your problems.

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    If you delete something, you have to make sure that you empty the trash with the stick attached. If not, all the files you "deleted" are still on the stick, they are just hidden.

    It is one of the few stupid Mac-things....

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