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Thread: Dvd player wont read dvd´s

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    Dvd player wont read dvd´s
    Whenever i put in a Dvd, the os x reads it as a blank dvd. And this happens everytime i do it. I sendt it in to repairs, and i just got it back, they said they couldnt find anything wrong with it. I quote "changed combodrive. Tested OK with Known Good OS. Problem is in costumers software. Needs to reinstall with own CD."

    Thing is, when i took it home, the same problem was there, all dvd´s are read like blank disks. And im here thinking "how do i reinstall when it wont read my reinstall disk"

    Anyways, what do i do? I have a MacBook laptop 13"

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    Aug 16, 2007
    no one have any clue?

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    Sounds really odd... Maybe take it to an Apple store and SHOW them the problem...??

    In the mean time, if you are wanting to watch movies... try VLC.

    Does VLC work for you?

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