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    Urgent help...Synchronizing my phone/PDA address to the macbook address book!!!
    Please, can anyone explain to me how i can get my phone address into the macbook....i was using windows, and I would simply connect my phone/PDA to it, and all my address and contacts would be transfered automtically, now i can't do that here...any idea...pls...thanks

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    For starters, let us know what phone you have, and then we can help you with the best method to get it to sync with the Address Book.

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    My phone is hp ipaq hw6915 and i also ve SPV C600 smart phone, both running windows mobile 5. my contacts are inthe old pc note book outlook.... ah, `i should ve not even used windows in the fist palce...i really feel bad i didn't use a mac before

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    I use a program called PocketMac SyncManger. I have no problem with it although i use it for a blackberry. they do have one that works with windows mobile you can find it here

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    The Missing Sync is a great ActiveSync replacement for OS X. Both your iPaq and Orange smartphone are supported; you will need "The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile" for both devices. It's $39.95 and is available here:
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