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Thread: Mighty Mouse Question

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    Mighty Mouse Question
    does the mighty mouse wired work with the macbook as all the usb's are on the left and the mouse's cord is pretty short so therefore it does not go all around to the right side? if this is the case will a usb extension fix the problem?


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    While the cord is short relatively speaking, it's still about 2-1/2 feet long so would probably not need an extension. You could certainly use a USB extension if you needed more length, though.
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    i tried my friend's wired mighty mouse (which he got with his imac) on my macbook and the cord was definitely too short. the weird thing is, when i went in to the apple store to ask about this problem (i don't really know what they could have done to solve the problem, but i had a long list of questions anyway), the guy made me feel like an idiot - he pointed to the wired mouse that is easily long enough for the MBP (and so it should work with the MB). i don't understand the discrepancy - does Apple make different length cords or something? I want a wired mighty mouse, but I don't really want to use an extension.

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