Hey forum, hope all's going well today.

I am a designer who works on ads and a magazine and I need to be able to somewhat accurately proof color on a color laser printer. My vendor has pulled color proofs of the specific artwork I'm concerned with, so I have a baseline for what my prints should look like.

My current color laser printer (Brother HL-2700CN) darkens the bejebus out of all of my files and makes very contrast-y prints. I have tried adjusting profiles on the printer itself and from my side (in Illustrator and in the Printer Utility), but no luck. So my first question is: does anyone have any experience in getting their color laser printer to lighten the way it prints, and if so, can you tell me how you got it to behave?

I do have the budget, albeit small ($500-600), to purchase another color laser printer that does a better job of color accuracy. I've tried reading reviews of different printers, but all the reviewers seem to care about is how fast they print colored text, which is of no help to me. My second question is: can anyone recommend a color laser printer that will print accurate color and would perhaps take less than 20 minutes to print a 30MB file?

Thanks everyone!