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    Question new iMac, keyboard...mouse?!
    Personally I THINK imac cosmetic upgrade was a bit unnesasararararry, keyboard: unessasasasary, mouse: unes- wait wheres the upgrade?

    Why keyboard and all, ****, i have very much problems with my mighty mouse and none with keyboard and imac.

    Tell me what you think.
    Bring back the white, apple?

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    I can't give my own opinion before giving it a try. However from most of the reviews I read so far have mixed reactions. Some people complain about the new KB as its too flat. Well, the mouse is annoying unless you clean your hands every time before touch it.

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    I used the new keyboard in an Apple Store today before picking up iLife '08 (great by the way, worth the cash), and I gotta say it's not bad. I thought 'uh...that looks horrible' but when I saw and used it, its really good.

    You have to use it.

    Also the cosmetic upgrade is beautiful. The old one was starting to look kind of old.

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