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    External USB 2.0 DVD-RW Burner
    Is it safe to assume that any external USB 2.0 burner will work with my Mac Mini even though mfr specs don't list OS X as a compatible OS?

    I understand that the bundled burning SW (eg, Nero) will not work with OS X, but I assume the external drive would work OK with Toast 7. Correct?

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    I would assume that they all work fine... but I don't suppose there are any guarantees unless it says so on the box.

    I went with LaCie because I love the design, LaCie are (almost) synonymous with Mac products, they ship with Mac software (for a bit extra) and I wasn't paying.
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    What i done was buy a cheapy internal drive and bunged it inside an external usb casing - works a treat and was cheaper than buying an external

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