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    experience with G-Tech?
    Hi all. I'm planning to get an external HD for my MBP, and I was about to pull the trigger on G-Tech. But I read somewhere that there is a problem with G-Tech drives and Macs with Core 2 Duo (I forgot where). Is this true, or did I misread?

    Can anybody with G-Tech external HDs chime in with their ownership experience?

    I am using the external HD to backup my work stuff, not necessary hold music and movies and the such, so relibility is must. Can anyone else recommend an external HD for me to consider?

    Thanks a bunch.

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    Here is a post of multiple hard drives I made a few months back. Still good info. Their g-drives are mentioned there.

    My reviews are in post 2, my final purchase in post 10, with a few speed tests in # 11.
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