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Thread: Your PC screen?

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    Your PC screen?
    Heya all,

    As I walked through the "Official setup thread" I saw many of you, at least those with the mini and Mac Pro etc.) using LSDs or other screens from Dell, or Samsung etc. etc.

    And I was wondering,

    Why do we use Macs without Mac screens? Did you already have that screen before you bought the Mac? Are the Apple screens way too expensive? (could life with that thought) or what's up with the screen thingy.

    Was just wondering.

    P.S. if this topic is wrong placed, feel free to move it to the proper zone, but there isn't a real screen subforum to chit chat about this ;-)

    Would love to hear some thoughts about that.

    I am using currently on my old Windows a Compaq screen, old fashion with the big butt and isn't really big, and it's the kind of ) screen, not flat at all big round thing lol

    The only thing to be proud of at my pc is the fact that I can mange to keep it running while it's 8 years old, designed for windows 98 and I have XP home edition on it,
    Not to mention the speed of it, haha with iTunes on it goes all 2 times slower (crap thing!!) (ok that was totally off topic )
    And as final touch,God created the Dutch!

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    I think it mostly comes down to the money. I know a few people that use Apple displays with their PCs, as well as people that run non-Apple displays w/ their Macs. The street runs both ways. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I would definitely use Apple displays if I could afford them!

    There's also the issue of the quality (i.e. correctness) of the colors and a number of other factors such as response time, contrast, and brightness that might cause someone who could buy an Apple display to get something else.


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