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    Question Mighty Mouse Problem?
    I am new to mac and have just bought a macbook pro and am looking at getting a mighty mouse but wanted to know if the wireless one uses more of the computers battery than the wired one or vise versa, Or if it doesnt make any difference??

    Also if it come with software or will the mac automaticly find it?

    Any help on this?



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    Mighty Mouse is great, but it does take a little more juice when you have your Bluetooth enabled. It's nothing big though. A couple times in class when my battery is low, I try shutting off BT to get a little more time, but it never helps much, so I don't think it takes much power to run it.

    It's not automatic (the funny thing was it did with Vista!), but you just go to Bluetooth settings in your system preferences and set it to seek devices. It'll find the mouse and set it up. One time and you're good to go. It comes with software, but like most peripherals, I've never needed it.
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