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    How do I transfer Imovie to external hard drive?
    This might be stupid question but I am another recent switcher from PC's. I have a 120gb hard drive attached through USB to my Imac. Now I want to take my Imovie files and store them in my external hard drive. How do I do it? I am so used to windows explorer but not really sure how to take file soff the internal drive to istall on external drive. Please help.

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    You can drag and drop them on the new disk drive. Then you will have to delete them from the old disk.
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    When you open iMovie, and you start a new project, go to File, click on New Project. A box will open up, put down whatever you want in Save As:, and below is Where:, scroll through that and if your external hard drive is already connected, select it, and your new iMovie project will save straight to the external hard drive.

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