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    Question emac monitor problem
    recently i've noticed my screen has started shaking . i dont know if its common or not and am wondering if there is a way to fix it . also it seems to be worse on higher screen resolutions .... if anyone knows the problem please help me out ....


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    this is common on new eMacs. it happens when system gets overloaded, or you play music at high volume through intenal speakers. if shaking appeats constantly in many cases its something from outside. like some power adapter or something. try to keep these things away from screen. they may be "tuned" to emit the static EM waves on frequency close to your display and it creates the interference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ste2552
    Yeah when I first got mine everytime I listened to music loud the same thing happend. Once I got a sound system for it it stopped.

    So don't worrie it's common.

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    I have the same problem, and it's due to the fact that I've got my air conditioning system outside, just behind the wall where my eMac is...
    It's a bit annoying but it stops when I switch off the air con... Loud music does it a bit too... the tiny speakers are too close to the monitor...

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    I had the sound shimmering before. now I am getting a violent shake and a sometimes clank noise coming from the drive. I am online no problem. All of a sudden a shivering then a shake and a clank. Sounds like a seizure. Any suggestions?

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