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    Problem with macally mouse in PB
    Hi there,

    I've been using Macally rfmousejr and now it is very slow moving. I can hardly move the mouse despite I change the mouse speed to fast.

    Anyone can tell me what might went wrong?

    billitone :confused:

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    yearh... its a CHEAP mouse....... get a Logitech MX700... its pricey... but its good...... the best mouse i've EVER bought.... and i had a lot.....
    - It's like - he was got - they'd just like. It was like so hush hush. They were so... quiet about it. And then the next thing you know...

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    great anwser, really...

    try to find an app that accelerates the mouse speed under osx... i've heard of one but can't remember it's name...

    Check versiontracker maybe?

    And make sure you are not adjusting trackpad speed! There are 2 seperate dialogs, onbe for the trackpad and for for external mice...

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    I know, cheap stuff, but you see I've spent all my money for the PB itself.
    and my little daughter liked to play around with my BT mouse and broke it (I don't blame her, it's so cute you think it's a toy), so had to use "this cheap one".
    anyway, it was the batteries, mouse comes with cheap batteries also. Now, I am using the little bunny who says never die....

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