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    Exclamation HELP! Firewire accidentally unplugged during ProTools Session

    I was recording vocals using ProTools on my G4 Powerbook laptop, recording to the Lacie firewire drive and some how i think my foot loosened the AC power supply from my LaCie Firewire and now my curser is just spinning, spinning, spinning.. A message "device removed" appeared and i hit okay and now another message: DAE can't get audio from the drive fast enough. Your drive may be too slow or fragmented, or a firewire drive could be having trouble due to exrtra firewire bandwidth or CPU load (-9073).
    I plugged it back in, the drive is on, but ProTools is frozen. Sadly i have a deadline to finish this recording, and I don't remember when I saved the session last - Is there anyway to restore the session, have the firewire be recognized again, without forcing quit??? I don't want to lose anything, worse yet if my firewire is damaged! Say it isn't so!
    Thank you!

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    Everything in my experience tells me you're out of luck, I'm afraid. The firewire drive may be corrupt and need repairing, but you won't be able to plug it back in and continue where you left off. Sorry!
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