Here's the situation:
I purchased a Dell 2007wfp (20in, widescreen, multiple inputs, PinP, etc.) from a website and when I received the package, they gave me the Dell 2007fp, which is the non-widescreen version, but still a nice screen. Apparently at the store, they shipped me the wrong monitor and ran out of the 2007wfp's (go figure). So, instead of shipping it back, I got such a great deal on the monitor that I just kept it. I only paid $245 for the monitor. The reason I bought the monitor was for its features and because I'm going to college and I want to double it as a TV also.

While using it, I realized that I really want a widescreen or an actual LCD TV. So, with that, I put it on craigslist in trade for a widescreen version or for a LCD TV or for cash or something. While I patiently waited for an email, two weeks goes by and Best Buy just had the Acer 19" widescreen LCD on sale for $130. Without hesitating, I run to the store to buy the last one they had in stock. I'm now using it to type this message and I have to say, I do like it, but I would like something a little bigger for a TV.

Now, the big situation comes here. Just today, I finally received an email in regards to a trade with my Dell 2007fp. This guy, an hours drive away, has a Dell 2300 LCD TV (23in, way more inputs, made in '04, HD, etc.) he's had for 6 months and is moving. He wants to trade his TV for my monitor and $100 of my money. So, if you are keeping track, that would make the cost of the TV to me $350.

So, my question is: What is the better deal? Should I keep the Dell 2007fp? Should I trade it for the TV? Should I just sell the Dell monitor on eBay and keep the Acer one? Please consider cost because I am going to college and money is an issue.

I will be using it on my Macbook Pro mainly for doing engineering and design but also using it as a TV. I have a 5.1 speaker system already so sound is not an issue. I've been considering buying this Samsung HD tuner for $50 if I was to keep a monitor. So, here's a few solutions with costs:

1. Keep Dell 2007fp, buy HD tuner, return Acer = $295
2. Keep Acer, eBay Dell 2007fp, buy HD tuner = $180
3. Trade Dell2007fp for 2300, return Acer, buy tuner = $400
4. Same as 3 only no tuner = $350
5. Any others?

Thanks everyone for you input.