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Emse 07-25-2007 04:30 AM

Using my MacBook with my TV
I've bought a DVI cable to connect my Macbook to my TV.
Unfortunately it doesn't work.
In Mac help I'm told to swich off TV and computer, connect the cables, turn on TV and computer, and then it should work.
It doesn't!! The TV cannot find any signal.
What have I done wrong?
Thanks for your help :D

bobtomay 07-25-2007 05:50 AM

First thing to check is verify that the both the connections are in all the way. The best way to do this - don't just check - pull 'em and replug in both sides.

And you have changed the input on the TV to the correct one.

I assume you have the mini-DVI to DVI adapter attached to your MacBook?
DVI cable is plugged into that and to the TV.

Need the make and model of your TV for best (accurate) help.

Emse 07-25-2007 06:19 AM

Yes, I have a mini-DVI to DVI in the computer. And that cable is connected to the TV.
The TV is a Marantz PD4201E

Thank you :D

bobtomay 07-25-2007 07:10 AM

And how are you connecting it to the TV - edit: realized it is European model

FYI: Leaving for work shortly, so will not be back until this evening.

Emse 07-25-2007 09:46 AM

There is DVI input on the TV.
And the manual tells me to connect a PC from DVI to DVI.
So that should be correct

bobtomay 07-25-2007 04:48 PM

Having to look for the Europe owners manual. The US model does not have DVI (nor SCART) and has a whole page on what resolution to set in the TV menu for the VGA input to work.

But, first to try in regards to turning your computer and TV off.

I have had different TV's react differently when trying to connect a computer, particularly with HDMI. Have not had a set with DVI.

In regards to the HDMI setups, the first one I used with my computer, had to have the computer turned on and then turn the TV on. With that set I could change inputs on the TV and go back to the computer input and it would work fine.

Another one, the TV had to be turned on and then turn the computer on. This one, if I changed inputs and then went back to the computer input, it would not work. I had to reboot the system everytime I wanted to change the TV to that input.

It shouldn't hurt to try both methods to see if one works for you.

The one I currently have, just works. It doesn't matter what's turned on when. I can turn them on in any order and switch inputs back and forth on the TV with no effect.

Be back when I find that manual.

bobtomay 07-25-2007 05:25 PM

Found the manual.

Next question - is the computer recognizing that the TV is connected?

Go to System Preferences - Displays - if it is recognizing the TV - there are two different things you may see.
First the MBP screen will be called 'Color LCD' at the top.

I don't remember how the system comes configured out of the box.
If the configuration is for a mirrored setup (I'm hoping it is), there will be 2 separate boxes - one for the Color LCD and a 2nd one for the TV. You may have to move one to see the other one behind it. If this is the case, go to the box for the TV and set the resoution for it at 1024 x 768. This is the max the TV accepts from the DVI port. The resolutions it supports are on pg 20 of the manual. Dig out the manual as it also lists the frequencies it supports and set those.

edit: Just a note: If in display preferences, it is not set to mirrored - each of the individual display boxes will be seen only on the screen that it controls. Am hoping this is not the case if one of the methods of turning on the devices did not work for you.

Emse 07-26-2007 03:02 AM

Just woke up, will work on it a little later and be back.
Appreciate your help :D

Emse 07-27-2007 05:04 AM

Ok, I'm wiser now
I found the 2 separate boxex - one for Color and one for the TV.
I've tried connecting my MacBook to my other Marantz TV. It's a Marantz 2601E.
No problem, it connected right away.
It seems that the computer cannot find the other TV and the TV cannot find the computer.
It gets no signal.

bobtomay 07-27-2007 06:57 AM

Well at least we're closer.
Something you can try. You might have already done this by now.

Connect it to the 2601 and put it in mirrored mode if not already.
(Can't find the manual for your 2601 online anywhere)
Pull out both manuals. Compare the resolutions that each one works with and set it to one that is compatible with both TV's.

Now give it a try on the 4201. If it's not working at this point:
and you still get only a single display box - I would have to say the DVI port on the 4201 is not working.
if you are getting two boxes for display properties - the port is apparently working and the computer sees the TV, but the TV is not able to display the signal.

Now you're only real options are:
1) is it worth returning the TV (or if under warranty getting someone out to fix it).
2) giving it a go by trying either a DVI to VGA cable or a DVI to HDMI - better if you have one of these you can steal from another piece of equipment for a few minutes before you go out and buy one. (Or maybe take the cable you have back and exchange it)

Emse 07-27-2007 08:08 AM

The DVI port is working, as we are using it for our DVD player.

I've spoken to the guy that I bought the TV from and he is working on the case.
Apparantly the TV should be giving the computer "a handshake" when I connect it, just like the other TV, and it isn't.

Thank you for your effort. I'll be back if I become desperat :D

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