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    Power outage backup for Mac-Pro
    Hello guy's,
    Does anyone have any suggestions for battery backup in case of a power outage for the Mac-pro. I have the Mac-pro, a Dell 27" monitor and Canon MP 960 printer. I checked out APC and am still confused. They told me i should use the APC SUA 1500.When i configured it myself it showed i could use a less expensive model. I live in Florida and we get storms and power outages. I'D hate to have my new Mac take a nose dive because i was too dumb to protect it with the proper backup UPS. Thanks as always.

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    Apc is a great vendor, my company is based in the Outer Banks where as well as you we have many storms and outages. The best solution for you would probably be from THIS product family, depending on the time you would wan it to stay up and running.

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