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    Thumbs up Burning Orange with enV!
    So I had posted before that I was thinking about acquiring the Orange LG enV from Verizon. Well I did and I love it so much and here is a full Review:


    I will give it an A+ there. Orange is color is awesome and it stands out. Complements my Black MacBook Perfectly (Check images below). Compared to the Silver version of the enV, the Orange version beats is hands down. It might not be that eye catchy in the Verizon Pictures but in Reality is looking niiiice.


    If you are big on text messages and emails (not corporate emails, at least I didn't try that yet) it works awesome. You have a full QWERTY keyboard that works like a charm. It does take a bit of getting used to but I am used to my Work phone, which is a Treo 700p, so the transfer isn't that bad.

    I should also mention that Bluetooth is awesome. I was able to browse the phone file directory from my MacBook with no issues. I transfered music back and forth, as well as some images and videos from the phone. Simply... EASY!

    Yes it doesn't work with iSync, but I read some where that I can use to Bluetooth to sync up my address book with the MacBook, but I am not that concerned about at the moment.

    Call Quality:

    One word.... Superb!


    It comes with a 2.0MP Camera built in. The feature that I love about it though is that while you are taking Videos with it (which I use a lot) you can actually Zoom in and out, which is something that wasn't even available on my honking Treo 700p or any other camera phone that I came across so far.


    It isn't an iPhone, BUT I love it. Its awesome and it has all the functionality that I need. Bottom line its grrrrrrreat.

    Oh Did I mention that thanks to the General, General Electric thats is, Generous Employee discounts I got it for only $50.

    Awesome Phone and Highly Recommended.

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    Apr 16, 2007
    Redwood City, CA / Stanford, CA
    MacBook, Black, 2.0GHz C2D, 2GB RAMs, 160GB HD
    I realize not too many people looked at this thread but I gotta add one thing.


    I was able to download some of YouTube Videos to my MacBook (yeah I know nothing fancy there!) then I converted them to mp4 using iSquint (Handbrake) and ZaaaaaPPP download it to my enV.

    Man the sound quality ROCKS, the Video plays back flawlessly.


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