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Thread: Superdrive error?

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    Superdrive error?
    So, apple offers me updates...
    One was some sort of drive upgrade
    so i downloaded it
    mac restarted it updated
    and needed a power adapter plugged in
    stated: Do not restart otherwise drive could become unusable or something
    it installs to my knowledge
    mac auto restarts at the end...
    then now im cursed with a message saying no updateable devices found
    its like going bk to windows 98 with missing drivers

    my superdrive is working fine
    how do i stop this message and what an earth did it update?

    Sorry if i posted this in a wrong section
    had no idea where this would fit in

    Thanks =]

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    Go to System Prefernces-> Users-> select your user, then 'Startup items'.
    Mark the supedrive updater and hit the '-' icon at the bottom of the window.

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