I see from time to time people hear have a hard time getting their Epson printers to work on their macs. I posted a question on how to get my RX-580 to work on my imac because I couldnt find the drivers anywhere in the printer menu even though I downloaded them a million times. I wrote to Epson and heres the fix. Hope this helps you out like it did me.

Thank you for contacting the Epson Connection.

To clear a mix of driver files and get only the latest Intel Core Duodriver
download installed and working properly, do the following:


1. Double click on the MAC HARD DRIVE.
2. Double click on the LIBRARY folder.
3. Double click on the PRINTERS folder.
4. Drag the EPSON folder to the trash can.
5. Close any open windows.
6. Double click on the MAC HARD DRIVE.
7. Double click on the LIBRARY folder.
8. Double click on the RECEIPTS folder.
9. Delete any EPSON receipts.
10. Close all open windows and restart your computer.


If you have not done so already, use the following steps to obtain the
download for the new Intel Core Duodriver:

1. Go to http://support.epson.com
2. For a multifunction device, select All-in-Ones then Flatbed, then your
all-in-one model.
3. Under DRIVERS & DOWNLOADS select Macintosh.
4. Download only the driver marked for the Intel Core Duo system:

Installation instructions:

1. After download is complete, double click the icon that appears on your
desktop. This will create a disk image on your desktop.
2. Open this disk image and double-click the INSTALLER icon to begin the
3. Enter password and follow prompts through install.
4. Quit the installer and restart the Mac once the installation is

Please try the following to add the printer once the new downloadable Intel
Core Duo driver has been downloaded and installed properly:

1. Connect printer.
2. Open Printer Setup Utility.
3. Click ADD.
4. Ensure you are on the Default Browser window.
5. Highlight printer as it appears under Printer Name.
6. Your printer model should automatically appear under PRINT USING. If it
does not appear, select OTHER (not EPSON - which links you to GIMP drivers,
which we don't recommend or support).
7. A new window opens where you can Browse to the hard drive location of:
HD > Library > Printers > Epson > Inkjet Printers
(This location contains all the Intel Core DuoEpson driver plugins, be they
resident or downloaded.)
8. Highlight/Select the plugin for your printer model in the Inkjet
Printers folder, then click OPEN.
9. Use the up/down arrows at the end of PRINT USING again to (re)select the
printer's name, which will now appear at the TOP of the PRINT USING list.
10. Click ADD. The new downloaded driver will now be added on the list.
11. If there are other printers on the list, ensure the Epson is made
default before testing.