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Thread: 23" Cinema HD - won't turn on....

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    23" Cinema HD - won't turn on....

    I'd been running the above monitor for over a year without any problems - then the screen started flickering like a strobe in a nightclub. i was able to ammend this by turning down the brightness levels... however, now the monitor won't turn on at all (no white light, nothing). If I 'gather displays' on the second monitor, it recognises that 23" is there and i am able to adjust its settings, but i'm getting no power to turn the screen on it seems. I've tried swapping cables hundreds of times - the other monitor seems to run fine on both power packs.

    A small point also is that on the Cinema HD's settings, the brightness adjust bar has dissapeared. Could this be a driver issue? If so, any ideas how this could be fixed?

    Any help you could give me would be apprieciated for the rest of my life, as apple are about as helpful as a can of sewage.


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    What worked for me...
    I didn't have the flickering problem before my monitor turned off and wouldn't turn back on, but we did figure out something to turn a seemingly power-dead monitor back on. My laptop was recognizing that it was there as well. That there was a second display plugged in. But no power lights, nothing like that. So I, for the heck of it, plugged in the USB cable that comes out of the monitor (which allows you to use the USB ports on the monitor itself). It's quite strange, since the monitor worked previously without the extra USB thing plugged in. I did have the firewire one plugged in. But I plugged the USB cable in and the monitor came back to life. Now I can unplug the USB cable and it still works. Who knows... Worth a shot, right?

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    The flickering and dimming and subsequent death sound like the LCD backlight has kicked the bucket. I've had this happen with LCDs, but never ones that new. I would be in contact w/ Apple if I were you to make sure they rectified this situation (on their dime).


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