I have a Pismo PB with 384MB Ram and Tiger. I bought a "GigaFast" 802.11b/g USB WiFi adapter which I installed and set-up as instructed. When I open the Network Preference Panel it's seen as an Ethernet device, which seems odd, but it shows it to be "active." When I open the GigaFast Preference it sees whatever WiFi networks available.

Here's the problem ... when I select a network and press the "connect to this network" button all that happens is an eternal "connecting ..." message, but it doesn't connect.

The vendor can't help and the manufacturer recently went belly-up due to price pressure from China (or so they said).

The only hint of a possible cause is a message in the Network Preference when I select "Network Status." It shows the WiFi Adapter to be active but also delivers the following message:

Ethernet Adapter (en1) is currently active. Ethernet Adapter (en1) has a self-assigned IP Address and may not be able to connect to the internet.

I noticed that if I select "configure" in the same window I'm taken to another where I can select "Manual" or "Using DHCP with manual address" but even if I knew what address to put in there I don't know if it'd help any more than I know if it's the problem.

BTW, the GigaFast Preference Panel provides a ton of information about the networks it senses.

Any ideas out there?

Thanks a lot,