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bradjb83 07-15-2007 12:56 AM

Yet another External HD Question...
Hi there,
I've done a fair bit of searching and can't seem to find any threads dealing with this problem...
Relatively recently I purchased a 500GB seagate external HD (firewire) to use with my intel iMac.
I partitioned the drive so that it had 2 equal halves, one journaled one extended.
The plan was to use one half of the drive to back up my computer, and the other half to hold random multimedia (I do a bit of music and video editing).
The problem arises in the random (Mac OS Extended) drive. I can copy information on to the drive, but once it is on there I cannot move it.
Not within the drive or to another destination. I have checked the box to ignore disc permissions for this part of the drive but the problem persists.
The same thing happens on the backup part of the drive, but I can get around that problem via the backup software that came with it (bounceback express)
I've already re-partitioned the drive a number of times only to encounter the same problem again and again.
One more thing worth noting is that one of the times I partitioned the drive it worked exactly as I wanted it to for a few days but then reverted to its original behaviour.
Hopefully someone has some ideas on how I can get around this problem...
Thank you,

novicew 07-15-2007 02:09 AM

Unlike in Windows, you don't get any extra advantages by partitioning HDs. My only suggestion would be to format it as a one single block. You can always use file permission functionality to apple restrictions.

bradjb83 07-16-2007 08:22 AM

I might try that if I can't find any other solutions. My only concern about formatting it as one drive is that I may loose any 'random' files from the hard drive every time I do the automatic backup... I have to look into it.
Thanks again,

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